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Damascus Family Portrait Session

Damascus Family Portrait Session. Lorena wanted to do a family session in a meadow with her son Mikhael, so we went to a field in Damascus, close to where I live. I drive by that area 4 times a week, and I have wanted to shoot here for a while. There are some houses scattered in the horizon, no traffic to worry about, and sun kissed grassy areas. The weather last week didn’t let us do this session, but I’m so glad we waited for the sun, because the session turned out great.
On another note, I practiced freelensing more, and I’m finding that I really really like the results. It’s kinda tricky figuring out the light streaks, but I managed to get a few in. I hope you dig!:)
Damascus Family Portrait SessionDamascus Family Portrait SessionDamascus Family Portrait Sessionfreelensing

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McCrillis Gardens Family Session- Olivia is 1

McCrillis Gardens Family Session. Tiffany and Chuol wanted to get photos of their beautiful baby girl Olivia, now that she’s one years old. We headed to McCrillis Gardens, partly because of the beauty of it, and also for the privacy. Even though this was a mini session, we got tons of great shots. We were fortunate enough to get a couple of smiles and giggles from Olivia. I also got to try out freelensing, which I plan to use in future weddings. I’m psyched with the results.
I’m so happy I got to work with Tiffany, Chuol and Olivia again! Enjoy ♥

McCrillis Gardens Family SessionfreelensingMcCrillis Gardens Family Session

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Elkridge Furnace Inn Yellow Wedding- Adrienne & Jason

Elkridge Furnace Inn Yellow Wedding. Never have I had a client who was full of laughs. Seriously, Adrienne was so laid back and down to Earth, it was contagious. I almost had to beg her to do some serious portraits, as she couldn’t stop laughing. I loved how real she was, not wanting to do many posed photos, and wanting to spend more time with her guests. Jason and Adrienne are both lawyers, and met when he hired her. A month later they were dating, and the rest is history… you could say it’s a more traditional way to meet someone.
Her wedding decor was yellow and turquoise blue, very nature inspired. This is the third time I shoot at EFI, I really like the venue itself, the grounds are gorgeous, and the backyard leads to beautiful pictures. The staff is super nice, I definitely recommend checking it out for your wedding.
Lastly, seeing Adrienne danced made me want to dance so bad! Lol! Enjoy 😀

Elkridge Furnace Inn Yellow Wedding_ZMA9143_ZMA9162_ZMA9172_ZMA9176_ZMA9178Elkridge Furnace Inn Yellow WeddingElkridge Furnace Inn Yellow WeddingElkridge Furnace Inn Yellow Wedding_ZMA9992Elkridge Furnace Inn Yellow Wedding

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Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk - June 3, 2015 - 8:59 am

Nicely done! :)