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Out to live

As much as I love photographing weddings, I’m taking some time off to focus more on my family. I have been making decisions with my head and not my heart for so long, telling myself it was OK to have two jobs, and put work first. When I finally decided to take a break from shooting, I felt relieved. It’s hard to spend time with your family when you work long weekends, shooting weddings, editing, updating the website, on top of working full time with long a commute, it became overwhelming. The stress was causing me physical pain, and my family was always getting the leftovers.

I decided to adopt a rescue cat last August, and I feel a hundred times happier now, and closer to my husband. Little Domino has helped us bond as a couple and demonstrate just how much love we can give. Having Domino has changed my life and circumstances for the better. I don’t know how I can spend my weekends anywhere but with my family and my kitty. I guess it kind of makes me a crazy cat mom, but that’s OK. I am very willing to give up some material things and little luxuries for things that enrich my life, like quality family time, physical wellness, and getting enough sleep, ha!

If you are a cat enthusiast, follow me on Instagram. I am constantly sharing moments with my cat and husband 🙂

Not a goodbye forever, just an until we meet again.

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Punta Cana 2016

Punta Cana 2016. I invited my inlaws, friends, and my brother in law to celebrate with us our 6th year anniversary in Punta Cana. We stayed at Caribe Club Princess Resort. Man, this place is huge. Unfortunately for us, it was really rainy the first few days we stayed, so the manglers in the property caused some flooding on the pathways… but the place had these carts that drove people everywhere. I try to look at the glass half full, so I still enjoyed myself. It was somehow, more fun that way. The first night, after all the rain cleared up, I went to take some night shots. A few clouds here and there, but I got some stars in there.

The place itself is very beautiful, upbeat, and fun. Everything is close by, and the food was really good. I made friends with a few cats at the property… feral I suppose. I saw some peacocks, herons, and other birds. The place had a game room that we abused every night. I’m not a nightclub person… I’m more of a game night kind of person, so we played dominoes daily until close time! I’m getting pretty good at it 🙂

We were fortunate enough to be part of a foam party… that was a blast!! I love Bavaro Beach, and it’s the only place I go to when I come to Punta Cana. Enjoy these pics!


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