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Alexandria Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session- Rebecca & Andronicus

Alexandria Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session. I had been dying to shoot at the tunnel between Wilkes Street and S. Royal, and I finally got to do it last week. Rebecca and Andronicus (aka Ganzo) are about to get married in May in the Dominican Republic, and as she states it “I want to have fun and capture moments that will last a lifetime.” We walked around the area, and headed to the waterfront park. I’m so glad we got some cherry blossoms in the photos, we weren’t really expecting them so soon. My favorite shot is the swings one. Enjoy!

alexandria cherry blossoms engagement sessionalexandria cherry blossoms engagement sessionalexandria cherry blossoms engagement session


Alexandria Virginia Portrait Session- Katie & Edward

Alexandria Virginia Portrait Session. Katie and Edward eloped on Friday, and wanted to celebrate their joyous day with a photography session. I love going to Alexandria… it’s such a social place, with tons of shops and restaurants… it’s a dreamy place to shoot at, with the waterfront park and marina. While on the session, I also learned that my favorite gardens to shoot at now charge to photograph there:(It’s not the price that bothers me, it was the way we were told to leave. Anyway, we didn’t need the gardens to get these awesome shots. It’s just a matter of keeping an open mind. Enjoy!

Alexandria Virginia Portrait SessionAlexandria Virginia Portrait SessionAlexandria Virginia Portrait Session

Top of the Town Wedding Purple and Green- Kaleena & Marcus

Top of the Town Wedding. April first is known widely in America for April fool’s day… but this wedding was no joke. From the moment they saw each other it was a very sentimental, special, and fun day for them and their guests, who took off early from work to attend their Tuesday ceremony and reception at Top of the Town in Arlington, VA. They held the ceremony at the balcony, with spectacular views of MD, DC and VA. I loved that her dress was short; considering it had snowed on Sunday, and the hope for nice weather definitely worked. It was a beautiful wedding, pulled off with the  help of Liz Sexton from Social Hour Events. Enjoy these pretties!


top of the town weddingtop of the town weddingtop of the town weddingtop of the town wedding

James and Ingrid Francis - April 7, 2014 - 4:02 pm

This day was so special it bumped my long list of special moments to rise to the top
This was the perfect April Fools day,may everyday be April Fools in your lives. I will never forget 4-1-14, I will never think about 4-1 the same ever again for as long as I live. May every 4-1 be sunny and bright, may, the Cherry Blossoms always bloom on time
may your love for each other stand firm thru life ups and down
Loving you both always, mom and dad.

Tanesha - April 7, 2014 - 3:44 pm

Simply amazing photos!! Congrats again on your big day!!

B C Lee-Hopkins - April 5, 2014 - 8:17 pm

Just lovely, wish I could have seen more.

kaleena - April 4, 2014 - 4:39 pm

Zareth! These pictures are simply amazing! Thanks for capturing our beautiful day so well. You were simply a pleasure!