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Tulum. I invited my grandmas to come with us to Tulum for the first week of July. I had planned the trip a while ago, researching places to go and eat from many bloggers (I was really thrilled about this trip!). The hotel where we stayed was Mango Tulum, and it’s a small boutique hotel in downtown Tulum. It only has 8 rooms, the best one being the penthouse, because it was a rooftop terrace to hang out. The hotel is close to the cenotes and the beach, though it’s not waterfront. The beach is about 7 minutes away by car. The night of our arrival we hit Papaya Playa Project, and we were pleasantly surprised to see so many stars shining bright. They keep electricity to the minimum in Tulum, and most of the hotels by the beach are palapas. It’s very different from Cancun, which is party central. We went to the Tulum Ruins, which are beautiful, and has an amazing view of the sea. Iguanas are to be seen everywhere, which was awesome. I tried to take a selfie with one of them, but then I remembered my fear of reptiles. We went to Grand Cenote, and my mom snorkeled for the first time in her life. The water was crystal clear, and a little chilly, which was great because it was hotter during our stay according to the locals. We went to two public beaches, Playa Paraiso (paradise beach), and Playa Pescadores (fisher’s beach). The sunrise pictures came out great even though it was cloudy right were the sun was coming up. Also, it was raining hard on the horizon. The water is so refreshing, sand is soft under your feet, and there’s no loud music. It was really relaxing. On our last day, we went to Valladolid, Yucatan, to shop around. It’s about an  hour and a half from Tulum, but we found good deals. Most of the typical souvenirs sold in Tulum are made in Valladolid #cuttingoutthemiddleman

Papaya Playa ProjectTulum photographyTulum photographyTulum photographyTulum photographyTulum photography

Tulum photographyTulum photography

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Mariana - July 21, 2016 - 7:28 pm

Tulum lugar magico, unico,lograste captar en cada rincon hermosos paisajes, el mar esmeralda, y la noche en la playa para ver esas imagenes con el cielo estrellado, son unicas.
Excelente trabajo, te felicito por llevarnos a lugares tan increibles.

Backyard Party

Backyard party. With the summer in full swing, I had a small get together at home, and I took a chance with decorating my new deck. I decorated with things I already had at home. I love the gold honeycomb glasses, it’s the daphne collection from Nordstrom, and the quoted glasses. I decorated some of the checkered straws with some scrapbooking materials I had on hand. The pillow covers were from etsy. I already had the thumbprint glasses in green and blue, which paired well with the colors. The table runner was also from etsy. I got the string lights at big lots. The blue placemats are from home goods. The cactus and succulents are from home depot. The green wall backdrop is part of the patio itself, and we created it with these panels from Amazon. I hope to throw more parties during the summer, I’m brainstorming ideas for the next table scape.

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Puebla 2016

Puebla 2016. I go to Puebla to visit my grandmother almost every year, and for some reason, we decided to venture out of the usual neighborhood, and see more of what Puebla has to offer. We were limited on time, so  we did a day trip to Tepeojuma, Puebla, and went to Los Ahuehuetes, which is a small spring water swimming hole. The vistas to getting there were just as beautiful as the place itself. The water was mild, but very clean, and since we arrived around 10:30 in the morning, we were on our own (except for the people in charge). Two days later, we took a top decker bus to tour the colonial city of Puebla. There are so many things to see, I don’t feel like we got enough. The colors in Puebla are not the usual black and gray of buildings in Maryland. There was hot pink, and bright yellow, and colorful murals on every street. Of course, the buildings are centuries old, so the style of architecture varies. We passed by a planetarium with modern facades, and we passed many historic buildings with antique beautiful doors. Next time I go to Puebla, I will do the Cholula tour, and the container city. Enjoy!

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Mariana - July 21, 2016 - 6:44 pm

Un lugar hermoso para visitar, estas fotos me encantaron, pues muestran la cultura en todo su esplendor, haciendas, jardines, calles llenas de vida, la comida exquisita, su gente alegre.
Zareth lograste captar la escencia de Puebla, te felicito por tan excelente trabajo.